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7-8PM | Scanners 101 Workshop

Gold Ridge Property Owners Association, 4101 Opal Trail, Pollock Pines, CA

An informative workshop led by El Dorado County Sheriff’s Deputy Todd Crawford on how to use and understand radio scanners. Scanners enable you to monitor local police, fire, and emergency radio communications to help keep you, your family and your neighbors safer. You'll learn how to understand scanner traffic, and how to use the "Fire Tone Out" feature to keep your scanner quiet but alert you whenever there’s activity at your local Fire Station.

Todd has 31 years law enforcement experience, and 22 years working with the Office of Emergency Services in El Dorado County. He’s had extensive experience managing evacuations during the 2018 Carr Fire, the 2019 Maria Fire, the 2020 Creek Fire, and most recently the Dixie and Caldor Fires. Todd also serves on our El Dorado County Neighborhood Radio Watch Advisory Board.


If you already own one of the recommended scanners distributed by the Neighborhood Radio Watch program, we’ll have a couple of our programmers at the workshop who can update your scanner with the latest channel listings for El Dorado County.