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CERA maintains one of the most extensive and robust Radio Repeater Networks in California. We provide the radio infrastructure and programs to support Neighborhood Radio Watch and Amateur Radio communications services to help the general public prepare for emergencies and disaster events such as catastrophic wildfires.

Doris Wong K0BEE in a basket crane used for antenna repairs
Doris Wong K0BEE in a basket crane used for antenna repairs

CERA's Board and volunteer staff lend their time and skills completely free of charge, hard-earned skills acquired through decades of professional or amateur radio training to understand electronics, hardware and software programming, antenna tuning and performance, terrain analysis, and radio propagation to maximize radio signals and communications.

We can incur significant expenses in providing these free services, the biggest of which are hardware costs, such as buying antennas, towers, and station hardware and renting equipment like basket cranes to set up and maintain the vast Radio Repeater Network that enables any resident to use radios to communicate with each other for free,

Your donation will be used for community outreach, procuring equipment, infrastructure and license costs, and delivering CERA programs that will help keep our communities safe.

CERA is classified as a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization by the standards of the Internal Revenue Service. Your donations to CERA may be tax-deductible to the extent allowed by the law.

Please consider making a donation. Donations are greatly appreciated but are not required or expected to use any of CERA's free services. Please contact CERA at if you have any questions.



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