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Neighborhood Radio Watch Board

The Neighborhood Radio Watch (NRW) program was kicked off in 2019. The program was initially run by the El Dorado County Amateur Radio Club (EDCARC) before management was transitioned to the Community Emergency Radio Association (CERA) as the parent funding organization in 2022.

The NRW Board was formed to meet the fast growth of the NRW program to help define program goals, protocols, best practices, and deliver community training sessions on a wide range of topics.

The all-volunteer NRW Board consists of a diverse representation of multi-talented individuals that include members with leadership backgrounds in fire and law enforcement, first response, business, technology, and community service.

The NRW Board meets every month via video conference and in-person at least once every 3 months. Members of the community will be invited to observe and listen in on in-person meetings when in-person meetings are announced.

CERA would like to thank the founding members of the first unofficial NRW Board which included Bob Hess, Alan Thompson, Sara Schwartz Kendall, Deborah Kruse, Linda Kirkbride, Bill Deitchman, Patti Boyer, Margrit Petrofsky, Joe Petrofsky, Colton Meyer, Cliff Ohmstead, Todd Crawford, and Chris Taylor.

Board Members

NamePositionPrimary NRW GroupGMRS Call SignHAM Call Sign
Bob HessPresident, CERA and NRWColoma-LotusWRDC908W1RH
Gary BoalVice President & CERA DirectorPollock Pines-CaminoWRJS336W6GLB
Tony MillerSecretary, CERA and NRWPlacervilleWQFP609W6QA
Johnny ValenzuelaPublic Information Officer, CERA and NRWMosquito
Doris Wong Digital Communications Director, CERA and NRWColoma-LotusWREN371K0BEE
Heather CampbellDirectorPollock Pines-CaminoWRNQ399
Irene LileDirector and NRW AmbassadorPlacervilleWRJM213WB6RAF
Jeff JonesDirector of Radio Acquisitions and DistributionPollock Pines-CaminoWRMS468KE6AYK
JR HarmonDirector and NRW AmbassadorPollock Pines-CaminoWRHT628K6LBP
Karen PullinFundraising Director, CERA and NRWMosquitoWRYH454 
Linda KirkbrideEducation and Training DirectorColoma-LotusWRFG241 
Todd CrawfordDirectorColoma-LotusWRKE355KE6KEV
Tom BoozeDirectorPlacervilleWRFD651K6TFB
Colton MeyerCosumnes River NRW RepresentativeCosumnes-RiverWRDD814WD6CWM
Ken RogersOak Hill NRW RepresentativeOak HillWRKY990KG6NDC
Wayne GregsonMosquito NRW RepresentativeMosquito WRYH232