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Radio Repeater Network

May contain: electrical device, utility pole, and antenna
Cosumnes Repeater on Mount Aukum. Huge thanks to Kehret Vineyards for the use of their property.

CERA and the El Dorado County Amateur Radio Club maintain one of the most extensive and robust Radio Repeater Networks in California, with virtually 100% coverage throughout El Dorado County.

Repeaters make it possible to extend radio signals so communities spread across hundreds of square miles can talk to each other which is especially important in the hilly terrain of the foothills.

We are continuously working to improve our coverage areas and fixing and upgrading repeater stations, antennas, towers, and other equipment as issues are reported. 

Setting up and maintaining the repeaters is by far CERA's biggest expense. We appreciate any donations from the community to help with these expenses.

Neighborhood Radio Watch Repeaters

CERA Neighborhood Radio Watch programs currently use the General Mobile Radio Service frequencies below. CERA is considering moving the NRW programs to Business Band frequencies in the future and will cover any Business Band licensing costs.

You must have a GMRS license to use the following repeaters.

NRW Radio Channel Name Frequency (MHz)ChannelNeighborhoods Covered
Coloma-1 462.725GMRS 22Arrowbee, Cameron Park (North), Cold Springs (North), Coloma, Cool, Garden Valley, Georgetown, Gold Hill, Greenstone, Greenwood, Kelsey, Lotus, Luneman, Pilot Hill, Rescue
Coloma-2462.725GMRS 16(same as Coloma-1 above, join the net to test which Coloma repeater works better from your location)
Coloma-3 GMRS 21(same as Coloma-1 above, join the net to test which Coloma repeater works better from your location)
Cosumnes462.600GMRS 17Fairplay, Grizzly Flat, Happy Valley, Mount Aukum, Nashville, Omo Ranch, Outingdale, Pleasant Valley, Sand Ridge (South), Somerset, Sweeneys Crossing, Tylers Corner
Placerville462.625GMRS 18Apple Hill (West), Cameron Park (South), Cedar Ravine, Cold Springs (South), Mosquito, Placerville, Smith Flat, Texas Hill
Pollock-1462.600GMRS 17Apple Hill (East), Camino, Cedar Grove, Forebay, Fort Jim, Gold Ridge Forest, Lynx Trail, Newtown, Pollock Pines, Rancho Del Sol, Sierra Springs, Sly Park Hills, Starks Grade
Oak Hill-1462.725GMRS 22Diamond Springs, El Dorado, Logtown, Oak Hill, Pleasant Valley (West), Sand Ridge (North), Shingle Springs
Oak Hill-2TBATBA

Amateur Radio AG6AU Repeaters

You must have an Amateur Radio license to use the following repeaters.

AG6AU, our repeater network call sign reflects our rich, Gold-country heritage, composed of the chemical element symbols for Ag (Silver) and Au (Gold).

Frequency (MHz)OffsetPL Description
147.825 82.5High-level repeater with the transmitter located on Mt. Danaher near Camino, CA and several voting receivers located throughout the county.
147.97582.5Low-level repeater located in El Dorado Hills, linked to 147.825. Covers  El Dorado Hills Blvd, Silva Valley Parkway and EDH Town Center with a handheld radio.
52.78107.2High-level repeater located on Bald Mountain near Georgetown, CA.  Linked to 147.825 MHz during nets and events.
441.72582.5Low-level repeater located near Lotus, CA linked full time to 147.825 MHz. EchoLink note AG6AU-R #668182.
224.060127.3Located on Pine Hill has great coverage of El Dorado and Sacramento County
927.2375-25 127.3Located near Rescue, CA
927.2750-25127.3Located on Bald Mt

Other Repeaters in El Dorado County

You must have an Amateur Radio license to use the following repeaters.

The following repeaters are available in El Dorado County but are not directly supported by CERA or EDCARC.

Frequency (MHz)OffsetPLDescription
146.805-0.6123.0Also known as "the 805" repeater or KA6GWY which is the call sign for Frank Yost who set up this high-level repeater,  primarily for use by El Dorado County Sheriff's Office for Search and Rescue. Other Amateur Radio Operators (HAMs) can use the repeater. The repeater is also used by Rubicon Trail enthusiasts who become licensed HAMs so they can communicate and stay safe in this isolated, remote, rugged area that has no cell service.


Pine Hill Repeater Tower
Repeater tower on Pine Hill