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EDCARC Weekly Net Schedule

EDCARC hosts three net meetings every week which non-EDCARC members are invited to attend.

You must have an Amateur Radio license to vocally participate in the net meetings listed below.

Net MeetingDate/TimeFrequencyPurpose
EDCARC ARESEvery Monday at 7:30 PM147.825 MHz (pl 82.5)Discuss emergency communications and any current concerns happening in the community
220 Use It or Lose It *Every Monday at 8 PMAG6AU 224.060 MHz (pl 127.3)A social net open to any Amateur Radio operator (not just EDCARC) within range of the repeater to swap stories on a wide range of radio and non-radio topics.
EDCARC General ClubEvery Tuesday at 7:30 PM147.825 MHz (pl 82.5)Discuss club projects and events, amateur radio activities, and any topics of interest by EDCARC members or visitors.
El Dorado County Youth NetEvery Friday at 8 PM147.825 MHz (pl 82.5) Specially designed to encourage kids and young adult Amateur Radio enthusiasts to get on the air, this net is led by Giulietta N6DLG and Marcello K6MLD. All EDCARC members and visitors are welcome to join.

* Read this DX Engineering blog by Mark Haverstock (K8MSH) to understand the "Use It or Lose It" name for the net.

The following net is usually hosted by Frank Yost KA6GWY who is also the Repeater License Trustee and whose repeater goes by the same callsign.

Net MeetingDate/TimeFrequencyPurpose
805 2nd Wednesday of every month at 8:05PM146.805 (offset -0.6, pl 123.0Generally frequented by HAMs already using the KA6GWY repeater (e.g. EDCARC, Rubicon Trail enthusiasts) but any Amateur Radio operator is invited to check-in.