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9-10:30AM | Fire Prevention & Preparedness

Camino Community Center, 2675 Sanders Drive Pollock Pines, CA

Sponsored by your local Fire Safe Councils Come join us for important presentations to prepare you for the 2022 Fire Season. Coffee and pastries will be served prior to the meeting at 9am.

Most of you know what it was like to go through last August's evacuation, and you know if you were prepared or not. Did you wonder if you did enough? Did you worry you wouldn't have a home to come back to? Did you know the best way to get information about what was going on even before the evacuation happened. Did you know about all the work that had been completed by agencies to help slow the fire?

This meeting will discuss some of those issues and how WE ALL CAN BE BETTER PREPARED! Ben Gotts - District Ranger, USFS Ben not only works for the USFS, he is a local that has lived in Pollock Pines for years and cares about his community. Ben will discuss who the USFS is and what they do in our area regarding thinning our forests, burning projects, forestry restrictions and more. He will also discuss how to prepare and what we must all do to prepare for fire for ourselves, our neighbors and our community.

Questions will be taken after his presentation or you can submit your questions for Ben to GoldRidgeForestFSC@.

Bob Hess and Alan Thompson, EDC Amateur Radio Club

Come learn about the Neighborhood Radio Watch that started here locally last year and was a huge success during the Caldor Fire and the winter storm power outage emergencies in Dec 2021 and Jan 2022. Hear what happened and learn how you can be a part of this great radio system. Buying a radio from the club is inexpensive and so is the license, now just $35 and good for 10 years. No test required. You can choose to be a big part of the watch or simply use as an emergency alert and hear important announcements to keep you safe or help you in a time of your own emergency.

Want to buy a radio at the event? You must first be licensed by the FCC but that is super quick and easy! 

Pollock Pines Fire Prevention and Preparedness - April 30 2022
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