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8AM-3PM | EDCARC ARES Marshall Medical Center Hospital Evacuation exercise

Two logos: "MARSHALL" with a stylized 'M', and "El Dorado County Amateur Radio Club" with an emblem.

The Marshall Medical Center (MMC) Emergency Management office is planning a simulated exercise which will also include the participation of the El Dorado County Amateur Radio Club (EDCARC)'s Amateur Radio Emergency Services (ARES) members.

This event will provide EDCARC ARES members an opportunity to exercise alongside one of our community members, as well as demonstrate the viability of multiple modes of communication. 

This will be a simulated hospital evacuation emergency response event (covered in an actual 7-hour period), involving the full activation of MMC's Emergency Operations Center (EOC), multiple main campus departments, as well as several multiple MMC off-site hospital sites and facilities in different locations.

Several facets of MMC's Hospital Incident Command System (HICS) will be exercised, including:

  • several modes of communication such as voice, data, local radios, and several modes of HAM-based communications
  • UHF/VHF voice and data/packet communications via WINLINK to one or more off-site locations. 

Our goal is to situate ARES teams at the EOC located at the main MMC facility and a minimum of 3-4 dispersed sites.

More details of this event will be shared with EDCARC ARES members on the club's mail reflector. 

Marshall Medical Center Emergency Exercise - Jan 31 2023