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July 20 | EDCARC ARES@2024 Tevis Cup

"The TEVIS CUP," a 100-mile trail ride by the Western States Trail Foundation on July 20, 2024, with riders on horses.

Members of the El Dorado County Amateur Radio Club (EDCARC) will be volunteering their time and using their Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES) skills to provide radio communications support at select locations along the 2024 Tevis Cup trail.

The Tevis Cup, also known as the Western States Trail Ride, is a grueling 100-mile endurance ride for horses and riders that must be completed within 24 hours. The trail starts near Lake Tahoe, California, traverses the Sierra Nevada mountains, and ends in Auburn, California. The trail is known for its difficulty due to distance, elevation changes, demanding terrain, and lack of cell phone coverage.

Amateur Radio (Ham Radio) operators play a vital role in ensuring the smooth running and safety of the ride. They act as the Tevis Cup communications backbone for the entire event to:

  • enhance rider safety by providing communications at checkpoints, usually in remote and inaccessible areas
  • provide emergency communications to medical personnel and rescue teams in case of rider or horse injury
  • transmit progress and status of riders, logistical information, potential issues, and vet or trailer transport arrangements

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