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Radio Safety Net Script Example

The script and guidelines below are just examples. Please adapt this example script to your own group's needs and preferences.

You should have more than one Host, and be able to switch Hosts on a regular basis so that everyone gets a chance to help out and develop their radio skills.

Nets should follow the same, consistent pattern, but are more or less informal. Above all, make it fun, and make it work for your group.

It's important that Net participants, especially Net Control operators, are aware of what is referred to as the repeater "hang time", or "squelch tail".  If you press the radio transmit button to "key" the repeater, listen carefully and you will hear the repeater on your radio for one second after you stop keying the radio.  This "hang-time" lets you know that your signal did, indeed, key the repeater.  If you are a Net Control operator, and you did not hear the "tail" then your signal did not key the repeater.  This is an important way for you to verify that you keyed the repeater that I may increase the 'hang-time" to 2 or 3 seconds.

Net Control Operations

Your "Net Control" (Safety Net Host) should have a list of regular Members, and be ready with pencil and paper to mark check ins and take notes. The Host should go on the air at the designated time. The Host may sound like a dispatcher talking.

Similar to a using a party line phone, only one person should speak at a time, and wait to be called upon by the Host.

Please wait for the pauses and prompts as noted below. Listen for the “Courtesy Tone” (a brief beep you'll hear from the repeater shortly after someone stops transmitting) before speaking:

Example Flow & Script

Host/Net Control starts the Net.

  • Good evening everyone and welcome to the name of Fire Safe Council or Neighborhood Radio Watch weekly Safety Net, this is [Name] and [call sign], your Safety Net Host for this evening. This Safety Net meets every name of day at 7:00 PM. You don't need to be a member of name of Fire Safe Council or Neighborhood Radio Watch to participate in our Safety Net but we do ask that you allow our Neighborhood Radio Watch Members to check in first. This is a directed Net, all stations please stand by.
  • First, are there any stations with Emergency or Priority Messages?(Any members or visitors with urgent messages should call out their name and wait for Net Control to call you back.)
  • The Roll Call will now follow...(Net Control will then announce your first name, GMRS call sign, and general location, usually in alphabetical order by first name and GMRS call sign)

Members chime in when Net Control calls them. Press your radio transmit button and speak slowly and clearly. state:

  • Your first name
  • GMRS call sign
  • Location (neighborhood is sufficient)
  • One of the following responses: "Standing By" - if you want to chime in with a comment later in the Net"In and Out" - if you are only checking in and plan to stop listening or do not plan to actively chime into the Net for the evening

Net Control proceeds after the roll call.

  • Are there any late or missed Members, or Members not on the Roll Call, wishing to check in, please come now with your name, call sign, and general location.
  • Are there any Visitors wishing to check in, please come now with your name, call sign, and general location.
  • Are there any announcements from the Fire Safe Council and/or Neighborhood Watch Representatives?

Net Control runs through check in list and calls Members/Visitors by name for discussion.

  • [Name], is there anything you would like to share with the Net this evening?

Members/Visitors chime in when Net Control calls them.  If any other members or visitors want to chime in with a comment, wait for a pause, press your transmit button and just say "Comment". Then wait for Net Control to call you before continuing.

Host/Net Control closes the Net.

  • Are there any late Members or Visitors wishing to check in? (keep asking until no one chimes in)
  • Are there any other questions or comments before I close tonight's Safety Net? (keep asking until no one chimes in)
  • Thank you for your participation in the day of week name of Fire Safe Council or Neighborhood Radio Watch Safety Net.
  • Tonight's Safety Net is now closed at [__:__] local time.
  • This is your Safety Net Control, [Name] and [call sign], Everyone have a great evening and stay safe!

After the Net Closes

After the Net closes, listeners may initiate contacts with each other over the repeater for additional conversation and consider moving their conversation to simplex on another frequency if possible. It may be that a group will need to continue to use the repeater in order to hear each other. That's OK, too.