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Robert Hess (W1RH, WRDC908)

Bob Hess, Chairman and President, Community Emergency Radio Association

Bob is President and Chair of CERA's Board.

Bob spent 29 years in total at CBS Television and Radio where he was the Director of Operations & Engineering at K0VR-TV and KMAX-TV juggling his managerial duties while spending time in the field to oversee multiple, complex engineering projects and installations. His time at CBS as a Director includes 13 years in Boston, Massachusetts at WBZ-TV, WSBK-TV, and WBZ-AM and as an Engineering Manager in Stockton, Calfornia for 8 years at K0VR-TV. His hands-on technical experience and deep roots in the broadcasting world has helped him build extensive commercial, social, and personal connections which makes him invaluable to lead and fulfill CERA's mission in serving the community.